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NSVs just keep rolling in!

guy friend: I swear every time I see you, you get skinnier.
me: you see me like every other day...
guy friend: yeah, but still! It's like you're toning up a lot!
girl friend: FOR REAL!

Crossfit Day #16: Beat the boys.

Warm up:
400 m run
3 rounds of:
10 mountain climbers
10 lunges (5 each leg)
10 push-ups

5 rounds of:
10 single arm squat press (thruster) with KB, per arm (I used 13lbs/6kg)
10 push-ups
15 hop squats (or sub jump squats—I did because of my ankle)

Time: 16:34

I was the first one done and I beat all the boys today (only because I did jump squats though)! It wasn’t an insane workout, but it was a good one. The jump squats were killing me by the end. :P


Forearms: **** 11.0” 10”
Bicep: 17.0” 13.0” 12.0”

Bust/Chest: 50.0” 46.0” 44”

Waist: 44.0” 44.0” 42.0”
Stomach: 49.0” 44.0” 43.0”

Hips: 44.0” 42.0” 40.5”

Thigh: 26.5” 25.0” 23.0”

Calf: 17.0” 17.0” 16.0”

Total inches lost: (1 x2) + (5 x2) + 6 + 2 + 6 + 3.5 + 2.5 + 1= 33”

First number is my starting measurement (not sure when but definitely before Jan 2012), the second number in May 6, 2012. The third bolded number is today. I didn’t start measuring forearms until May, so that’s why there’s not a starting number there.

There’s not a huge difference from May 6, 2012 to today, but really the change is significant because after May 9 the only thing I was doing was Crossfit 3x a week. I’d hurt my ankle that week so those changes are solely because of Crossfit. I’ve only been going 15 days, and I’ve dropped 16.5 inches total. It’s crazy! Imagine what’ll happen once I start running consistently again??

On that note, I was hoping to start running again this week, but my ankle still hurts when running just the 200m during Crossfit, so I’m thinking it might be a bad idea. We’ll see.