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Crossfit 3.1: FRAN

I lost count of all my crossfit posts (again lol), so I’m restarting the count at 3.1 (3= reboot, 1=day).

First day: FRAN oyyyy haha


WOD: “Fran”


my time: 12:05

Considering I rode a hard 12 miles yesterday this was killing my quads, but it was fun :)

I can’t tell if I’m hungry or my abs just hurt from working out

Two-a-day? Why not. :)

Crossfit 2014: Day #5



A. 5x5 front squat
B. for time:

Crossfit 2014: Day #4



A. 3x3 OVHD squat
B. 12 min AMRAP:

Crossfit 2014: Day #3


WOD: Teamwork Friday!

20 min AMRAP:

Crossfit 2014: Day #2



A. 5x3 back squat


My set for part A:

Not as high as I’d usually go because I’m nursing my knee recently, but eh.

My rounds for part B: 5

Crossfit 2014: Day #1 “Frannie”


WOD: “Frannie”

For time:

My time: 16:23 


Free home workout plan.

true-romance-is-dead asked: hello :) I saw you are doing T25 and I think that's awesome! do you know where I can get it? :) also, your experience with it so far! thank youuuuu :)

I’m answering this publicly because I figured some of you might want to know too! 

Hi! :) Yep! I’m doing T25, at least I’m supposed to be. I only made it through the first two days before I caught a bad cold, so I’m currently not working out but will start again as soon as I can breath. :P You can buy it from beachbody, but I downloaded it for free from here which you’ll need a bittorrent program to do (I use Vuze on my mac).

I really like what I’ve done so far as you can make the workout harder/easier by the amount of effort you put into it. I haven’t done enough to tell if it’s effective for me, but any type of HIIT workout is generally a good one. I’m currently on vacation so I don’t have access to my heart rate monitor but when I get home Tuesday I plan on doing the workout with all that to better assess calorie burn and whatnot.

My plan is to do it in conjunction to my Crossfit, running, and yoga schedule since for me it isn’t as hard as my other workouts, but I think it’d be a good workout for people looking to get started working out or those seeking a quick and efficient workout. My opinion right now is that if you’re already pretty fit and looking for a challenge Insanity is better (albeit  A LOT more repetitive than T25), but that could very well change after I’ve done more of the program. :)

I’ll be posting updates and more thoughts on it as I progress through program, but if you have any more questions of anything just ask! 

- Brit


The idea behind this collection of workouts is to maximize your schedule! They all are based on HIIT style intervals where you have 2 minutes of medium exertion exercises, 1 minute of high exertion exercise, and then 30 seconds of a strength building exercise. Whether you’re seriously on the run and only have 10 minutes or want to combine any of these for a longer, custom workout, you can make this plan work for your goals!

For more at home, equipment free workout plans like this go here! :)

(via fitandhealthywinstherace)

It’s a miracle! Or just sheer will power ;)

Woke up today feeling so, so, so much better than the last 2 days! So you know what that means! T25 START!

The program starts with Alpha Cardio. It’s a 25 minute HITT workout focused on cardio (as I’m sure you guessed :P). In all honesty, it wasn’t really hard at all. I’m used to Crossfit and working out intensely anyways.  I mean, the hardest part of the workout for me was the fact that my nose is stuffed up form being sick… I’m still going to do the program, but I’m glad I planned to do it in conjunction with my other workout rather than by itself.

But that’s the only workout I’m doing today. Instead I’m gonna go hunt down some more hot tea and relax to ideally perpetuate this getting better thing! :)