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Crossfit Day #40: the lottery

Warm up: 
400m run 
the 3 rounds of:
10 toe touches 
10 sit-ups
10 squats


1. 100 air squat
2. 150 toes to bar
3. 300 mt. climbers
4. 200 lunges (total)
5. 100 KB swings
6. 100 goblet squats
7. 100 plate to grounds
8. 100 burpees
9. 1 mile run
10. 300 leg kick outs
11. 60 box jump (25/30) 
12. 150 wall balls
13. 30 tire flips
14. 75 ring rows
15. 100 knees to elbow

Draw three numbers from a cup, work towards completing the Rx’d reps of the 3 exercises with a partner.

We ended up drawing 3, 4 and 6. So 300 mt. climbers, 200 lunges, and 100 goblet squats, then as a group we elected to do the 1 mile run.

My reps:

150 mt. climbers
100 lunges
50 goblet squats
1/2 mile

My legs are on FIRE! haha

DOMS is killing me right now. :P

I’m seriously sore in every muscle in my upper legs. I don’t even know how that happened but wow. I’m at work and I can barely walk haha.

As painful as it is, I feel super accomplished. :)

Crossfit Day #2

Almost didn’t go due to cramps, went anyways though! Had a team workout. A gauntlet where we had to carry a 25lb weight over 6 boxes for 4 laps while everyone else did jump squats continuously, then after the last person finished the boxes we started again this time with everyone doing grasshoppers, and then again with jumping jacks.

Thing is on my last round of boxes, at my last box, I slipped and came down on my ankle. SPRAINED. So I didn’t get to do the jumping jacks. :(

It’s horribly swollen and painful. So much so that I had to get someone to cover my shift at work tonight. :(

BUT! The first thing outta my mouth (after keeping myself from crying and finally standing up) was “So what about Monday? I can still come right?”

Aren’t you guys proud of my dedication? Haha

D (my Crossfit trainer) said that even if he had to change the whole workout I should come. :)

Yay! I really really like Crossfit! Dumb ankle. :P

48 hours after my first Crossfit.

Oh my gosh my body hurts so bad. Never have I been this sore except after my first day of working out ever back in JROTC in high school. It hurts to stand, sit, move, breathe. Ow ow owww.

Totally going back for more at 4pm today!

Have got some yummy slow cooker steel cut oats on for in the morning too! :)

I’m too nice. I’m too nice. I’m too nice. I’m too nice.

No really, I’m too nice.
It’s killing me inside.

Sometimes I’m just so freaking stupid.

Went to see Drive with Fitboy today and on the way out I decided to twist my ankle pretty badly. Like it cracked loudly and I actually fell and it’s starting to get mildly swollen. I can’t tell how bad it is because I can’t feel it. It’s just tingly, but I’m starting to feel some pains. :( this is not in the plans.

I just want to cry right now. I don’t want to be out another month.

I am so stupid. Stupid stupid stupid!