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Weekly Sunday Runday! :D

My friends and I have started a Thing! We all get together on Sunday evenings at the lake and do a workout! Collin has dubbed it Sunday Runday! Runday is kind of a misnomer since we only run a mile and do a HIIT workout, but it sounds good haha.

Today’s workout:

Run 1/2 mile
7 rounds of:

Run 1/2 mile

I’m already planning next week! :D

"But it’s so fun to get back in shape. The progress is so tangible, and week by week you can feel the improvement. Celebrate the longest run of X months, the fastest mile, the healthiest day, etc. Some days will inevitably be better or worse than others, and you have to do all the little things with even more of an emphasis. Enjoy that a slow run is still a run, and a step, no matter how small, is still moving you towards the eventual goal."

- Kyle Merber (via lifeofclur)

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Week 2 of Keto: Weigh-in and update!

Meant to post this yesterday but I was exhausted from work so today it is!

Weigh in: -1 pound this week! For -10 pounds total!

Not nearly as much as the first week but I expected a plateau after losing so much at first. I’ve also considered the idea that because myfitnesspal didn’t update my caloric needs until yesterday (at which point I finally lost 10 pounds), that might’ve slowed me down.

I’ve been in Ketosis non-stop, and I feel great. Sometimes I’ll get a headache if I don’t eat enough fat but that’s nothing a fat bomb can’t fix. No complaints overall, in fact me and my roommate are thinking of doing this for longer than the planned month! We’ll see! :)


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jenbeezawwwzome asked: Can you give me an idea of what you eat in keto? Like what did you eat today? It just seems impossible to eat that much fat without slurping olive oil

That was my concern too, but it’s actually a ton easier than I thought it would be. Pre-workout I aim for about 141g fat and I’m usually able to hit it.

My intake looked like this (I’d worked out so I was aiming for 187g fat):
2 eggs, fried in 1 Tbs coconut oil
4 strips turkey bacon (I just personally prefer turkey, normal has more fat)
1 cup avocado (I use the Wholly Guacamole cups)
1 homemade coconut & peanut butter “fat bomb” (I’ll explain this lower)
Total: 618 calories, 54g fat

2 lettuce wrap 100% beef burgers (85% lean) with 2 slices provolone cheese.
1 mozzarella string cheese
1 sugar free jello (good for sweet cravings!)
Total: 640 calories, 45g fat

1 chicken breast stuffed with 1 Tbs cream cheese and 1 Tbs basil pesto
1/2 cup asparagus with 1/2 Tbs butter

Total: 448 calories, 26g fat

3 string cheese throughout the day
1 whole pickle
1 serving sugar free raspberry chocolates
1 cup bullet proof hot chocolate (1 cup almond milk, 2 tbs cocoa powder, 2 tbs butter, a few drops stevia if you wish—blended)
Total: 573 calories, 52g fat

Total for the day: 2,279 calories, 177g fat.

See I wasn’t slurping olive oil or anything! I’m just under my fat intake which is okay, it doesn’t have to be perfect. I still ended up with a 68%/27%/5% ratio and that’s good.

Basically I eat avocado daily and then just add coconut oil, butter and olive oil to my vegetables or when I’m sautéing something (the day above used a lot of butter, but usually I’m heavier on coconut oil just for personal preference). Then I use cheeses or olive oil based condiments to supplement.

If you’re having trouble getting your fat intake up fat bombsor bulletproof hot chocolate (or coffee) are a keto staple! A fat bomb is legit just coconut oil (or cream cheese or some other fat) mixed with flavors (peanut butter, cocoa powder, coconut flakes, extracts, etc), placed in cupcake tins, then chilled. It ends up tasking like dessert without the carbs, and with the same amount of fat (or more) as eating 1 tbs butter directly. Bulletproof hot chocolate is just a yummy way to eat 2tbs of butter (or some add coconut oil but I haven’t needed to); it tastes just like hot chocolate!

Eating enough fat in a delicious way is easier than it seems, I promise! :) If you need any meal ideas or help just ask, I’m more than willing to share!

Weigh in Wednesday! :)
One week of keto and I’m down NINE POUNDS!

It’s so weird to wake up every morning a pound lighter without a crazy calorie deficient. Even my roommate who is thinner than I am and didn’t workout at all this week is losing at this rate! I’m sure a lot of it is water so I’m eager to see what this next week holds!

So far eating keto has proven to be crazy easy though. I’m never hungry, can eat until I’m satiated and I just don’t want carbs or sweets at all. I love it!!

Spent Labor Day at the lake with some friends. We hiked and swam and grilled burgers (lettuce wraps for me and my favorite curly haired cyclist), all of this is after a 16 mile bike ride that morning. Soooo, I’m dehydrated and feel exhausted/worn out this morning because I didn’t drink enough water. :(

On the bright side of everything, I’m still in ketosis! :D First official weigh in tomorrow! Keep ya posted. :)


Zucchini Pizza Bites

Really nice recipes. Every hour.

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And I feel great!!! :D first official weigh in is Wednesday. Things are looking good!

I survived! Talk about a good start to the morning! I’m on day 2 of keto and workouts are still going great! 

My time: 40:02
Crashed on the ride today. :/ I was trying to pull a tight turn to catch back up with Collin but wind + gravel sent me sideways and I just couldn’t clip out fast enough. Have an abrasion to my shoulder and a headache from hitting my head too. :(

And my bike has a small scratch now!! TT-TT My first thought after seeing it was that I wished I’d unclipped faster so that I could’ve taken that scratch instead. Might be a sign I love my bike too much, but I’m not sure that’s possible haha

Roommate and I are trying a ketogenic diet for 30 days!

Just a loose, curiosity kind of test. 5% NET carbs, 25% protein and 70% healthy fats. I sort of ended up on this when I went paleo last year and was at my leanest ever so we’re pumped to see what happens! If nothing happens oh well, it’s a healthy diet in general haha