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Crossfit Day #150



A. 5x5 barbell squats

B. for time:

my sets:
warm-up: 95lbs x5
sets: 95lbs x5, 115lbs x5,  135lbs x5, 155lbs x5, 165lbs x5

Crossfit Day #148



A. 5x3 OVHD squat

B. 5 rounds for time:

My sets:
warm-up: 45lbs x3
actual sets: 65lbs x3, 75lbs x3, 85lbs x3, 95lbs x3, 85lbs x3

My time for part B: 10:53


I make time…

Crossfit Day #128



My teams #: 130 as Rx’d.


Lock N Load. by *WillCook

Do you even lift?

Crossfit Day #101


3 rounds of:

WOD: <3

For time:

My time: 19:13

All I have to say is OUCH.

The closest thing I have to a boyfriend is the hickey-like bruises the barbell leaves on me when I lose form during front squats.

who needs a boyfriend anyways?

Crossfit Day #21: squats! squats! squats!

Warm up:
200m run
3 rounds of:
10 air squats
10 push-ups
10 toes to bar (knee-ups for me)

A. barbell squats 3x5 with 2 warm up sets and a 3 min rest between sets.
B. Tabata: air squats
C. Tabata: mountain climbers

I actually ended up this doing squat wise, where the first few warm-up sets were me showing D my form and getting adjusted and stuff:

  • 45lb x 5
  • 45lb x 5 
  • 45lb x 5 
  • 50lb x 5
  • 50lb x 5
  • 60lb x 5

    My first time ever doing barbell squats. I really, really like it. Feels legit haha. I seriously feel like jello after those tabatas though. owwww. Like I don’t even want to move to type this. :D Means I did it right!

    Taking my puppy to the park in a bit, and then idk what the night holds.