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My first almost hour of riding! Our pace was actually 15mph but we didn’t pause the watch when we stopped a few times to check my friend’s tire pressure xP

Planning to pull a fast 5 tomorrow and 20 at a comfortable pace on Friday. Gonna slowly but surely work my way up to a 100k!


something that keeps me from having breakdowns in changing rooms is reminding myself that clothes are designed to fit people, people aren’t designed to fit clothes. it is not my responsibility to fit into ‘standard’ sizing, it is not my responsibility to fit a garment a certain way. that’s on the designers, the manufacturers, the companies who produce and run this industry. if something doesn’t fit, that’s not my problem. 

i am not the problem. 

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Reblog this if you rerack your fucking weights.

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Reblog if you’re willing to answer anything that comes in your ask right now

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Thick thighs are glorious ok.



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i just want colorful sportsbras and spandex…the whole nike store…and nice abs, is that too much to ask for????

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