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I started my journey exactly a year ago today. No fad diets, just healthy eating 80% of the time and running or zumba a few times a week. My goal for the year was to lose 100lbs and I’ve lost 103lbs - going from 282lbs-179lbs. I honestly never thought I would do this!! 

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The hardest part of the run isn’t the last few miles, it’s when the alarm goes off and you have to remember why you set that alarm and why you want this. Get up. Shoes on. Run.

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gentle reminder that cleopatra’s beauty is rumored to have started wars in ancient history

gentle reminder that people are evolving to be more and more attractive

gentle reminder that your beauty probably would have started at least 2 wars by now if you lived in 30 BC

wat a gently delivered compliment thank u

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3 Different Rep Ranges for Strength, Hypertrophy & Endurance
There are three rep ranges that correspond to the three biomotor capacities: strength, muscle building, and endurance:
Strength training entails lifting heavy loads for low reps. Specifically, the 1-5 rep range is best for gaining strength. Powerlifters tend to lift predominately in the 1-3 rep range (i.e. heavy singles, doubles and triples) for their main lifts.
Hypertrophy training, or training to build muscle, entails lifting moderate loads for moderate reps. Often, 8-12 reps is cited as the best rep range for hypertrophy. However, I contest that the 6-15 rep range is more inclusive and accurate.
Endurance training entails lifting light loads for high reps. Specifically, doing more than 15 repsper set trains muscular endurance. Doing such high repetitions places trains the muscle fibers that are resistant to fatigue under stress. In other words, you get better at doing more reps of a certain weight, as opposed to getting better at lifting a heavier weight within a lower rep range.
How Long Should I Rest Between Sets?
How long should you rest between sets? It depends largely on what type of training you’re doing? Here are the basic guidelines:
Two to four minutes of rest between sets is recommended for strength training.
One to two minutes of rest between sets is recommended for hypertrophy training.
Thirty seconds to one minute of rest between sets is recommended for endurance training.
Consider Intensity, Volume & Frequency
The number of reps and sets in your workouts should take intensity, volume and frequency into consideration.
Intensity (or load intensity) technically refers to the percentage of your one-rep max weight used on a set for any given exercise. Practically, though, you can think of intensity as the weight’s “heaviness” (i.e. how heavy it feels, not the actual weight in lbs). High intensity workouts always involve low reps, and usually involve relatively few sets. Low intensity routines are the opposite.
Volume refers to the total work (reps x sets) done in a particular workout session. High volume routines typically involve moderate to high reps and more sets per workout. Low volume routines are the opposite.
Frequency refers to how often you train a particular muscle group or exercise, per week. A high frequency routine can have lower reps and fewer sets and per workout if it involves mostly high intensity training; or it can have higher reps and more sets if the intensity is moderate to low. Low frequency routines are the opposite.
This is not my article. You can check out the who article here 

So helpful!

Lance Armstrong legs, hulk muscles and my ban from running.

LIFE UPATE: total mess

Long time no talk guys, I swear I’m still alive!! I’ve been posting but nothing personal and I feel so bad for it. Thing is I’ve spent the last month or so getting my MCAT squared away, and visiting doctors.

Remember that knee pain I decided was chronic? Yeah, totally an actual injury/problem. Went to the doctor two weeks ago and he told I have a laxity in that knee and it’s because of a muscle discrepancy (which is actually really rare). He said my vastus medialis was super strong and actually stronger than all my other surrounding muscles, and that basically whats happening is that it’s pulling my tendons off the bone (kinda a shin splints sorta thing in the knee). So basically, my leg muscles are BAMFs LOL. He legit told me I was a "great anatomical example of the leg muscles" and that I had Lance Armstrong legs hahaha but he nixed running, and rx’d cycling for at least 2 months to strengthen the other muscles. Told me I’d probably not be able to run long distance as much as I want to but with continuously supplementing cycling I could still (eventually) run leisurely. 


So, I guess I’m going to become a cyclist now. Bought a bike last week ($$$ omg) and have been riding. I LOVE IT! I’m planning on tearing up the bike routes with my favorite cute curly-haired collegiate cyclist as soon as he gets back from Spain too! :)

More updates from now on, I swear! <3






You don’t realize how you much running means to you until you can’t.

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Column 1: Beef spiced with cumin, chilli, oregano &amp; paprika.
Column 2: Chicken cooked in lemon &amp; cracked pepper.
Column 3: Balsamic chilli and lime beef.
Column 4: Sweet chilli chicken.
All with broccoli, snow peas, beans &amp; carrots.  Half with butternut pumpkin, half without.